Mama's with a Spoon

A Taste of LOVE in Every Bite!

Lending a Helping Hand

Mama’s Helping Hands, is an organization that was created to assist displaced women of any age, including those who have aged out of foster care, by providing counseling and financial assistance on a short term basis.  In addition, resources/connections will be identified to assist them with their long term transitional process. Our organization will serve as the bridge to start the process for homeless women and children to receive support from other organizations that cater to their specific needs.

Our vision is to connect with community organizations, social workers, family counselors, medical facilities, educational programs, schools and churches to
help women re-establish their lives in the community.

Our program is designed to fill in the gap, by helping women with rental deposit and other household expenses not covered by other organizations. We want to be the HOPE that allows women in need, the opportunity to reclaim their life.

It is our mission that Mama’s Helping Hands will be the catalyst of change for women and children in need of a new beginning.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

DISPLACED WOMEN & CHILDREN                                                                                                    INTRODUCTION