Mama's with a Spoon

A Taste of LOVE in Every Bite!

Mama's Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Greetings from Chef Mamie

What an awesome way to share what I love to do...Cooking is more than just mixing up ingredients. It's about sharing my love for food with everyone I meet. 
My zeal comes from my Mom 
(Bessie L. Thomas)
she put so much passion into everything that she cooked. 

Now it's my turn to give you the finest, freshest & most flavorful meal that a Chef can serve. 


Cooking Professionally  for 25+  years
Bergen County Community College
Escoffier International Culinary Academy~Honors
                  ServSafe Certification~Food Management
AHA CPR- Certified 2017
American Culinary Federation 
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