Chef Mamie

Greetings from Chef Mamie

What an awesome way to share what I love to do...Cooking is more than just mixing up ingredients. It's about sharing my love for food with everyone I meet. 
My zeal comes from my Mom 
(Bessie L. Thomas)
she put so much passion into everything that she cooked. 

Now it's my turn to give you the finest, freshest & most flavorful meal that a Chef can serve. 

Cooking for 25+  years
Bergen County Community College
Escoffier International Culinary Academy~Honors
Certification~ Food Handling
Certification~Food Management

Mama's with a Spoon  is a full service off-site; family-owned Personal/Private Chef & Catering. Our business is located in Bergen County, N.J.
We specialize in Personal & Private Chef services, family reunions, weddings, social events, business luncheons, birthday celebrations, bbq,  grand-openings; any event where food and people come together. Our mission at Mama's with a Spoon is to provide each client with fresh food, creative menus, and stylish decor with a commitment to excellence in service, planning and food quality.

We believe in sharing our love of food by combining delicious dishes from every walk of life.  Chef Mamie combines Southern, French, Mediterranean & More. Through the love food Mama's will be able to offer you and your guest a delightful, amazing and delicious experience. Just like being in your Mama's kitchen. 

 "A Taste of Love in Every Bite" 

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